An upcoming National Geographic Documentary 

about the Chilean Fjords in Patagonia and the indigenous communities fighting to protect them.

Nat Geo

National Geographic Emmy nominated Feature Documentary:

Into the Okavango (2018)

Co-Editor and Co-Writer

National Geographic Feature Documentary:

The Last Ice (2019)

Co-Editor and Post Producer


I've spent over a decade in the broadcast TV industry. I've edited shows for National Geographic, Discovery, History, Travel, ID, and more. I work across all genres - reality, natural history, travelogue, historical, etc.



Ad Noctum (2011) Short Film.




A short horror film about the darkness that can consume us.


Selected to 13 film festivals, including the Illinois International


Film  Festival, where it won Best Horror Short in 2011.

A Wheel Out of Kilter (2015) Feature Film.



Mountain Biking. Philosophy. Murder.


Winner Best Feature,

Macabre Faire Film Festival, 2016

A Peculiar Thud (2016) Short Film.



Winner Best Horror Film,

Coney Island Film Fest 2017


This is a film that will give a voice to the science-minded moms - the women who are too often drowned out by the fear mongers, the shamers, and the CelebMoms. Through interviews with "science moms" who are on the front lines of this struggle, we’ll dissect the bogus claims of these celebrities one by one and explain in simple language what the science really shows about GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, and any of these topics that are often in the headlines, yet even more often are misunderstood. 

We can’t change everyone’s minds, but we can make our voices heard. One mom at a time.

Purchase a download of the film and find more info here: http://www.sciencemomsdoc.com

Co-Director, Co-Producer and Editor



Film // Video Editor

Avid // Premiere // Final Cut

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio


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